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Jammin’ Econo w/ Mike Watt

August 25th, 2016

We're #2! JT talks about shooting up the charts with 'Misanthrope', HUGE thanks to everyone for the amazing support. He also chats with legendary Minutemen bassist Mike Watt about the continued muse of the road, getting the ultimate gig with The Stooges, and why it doesn't pay to grow old and jaded. Tour dates start today! Get them all at and thanks again! See you out there.


‘Misanthrope’ Release / KOOP Radio Interview!

August 16th, 2016

The release week of JT's new Stand Up! Records'  comedy special 'Misanthrope' is finally upon us. He rants about Germans, to-go food doubling as weapons, the new special and the Altercation Comedy Festival unveiling. PLUS an in-depth interview with KOOP FM Radio in Austin detailing the new special and fest. Thanks for your support!


Order the DVD / Audio + documentary package HERE:

Order Altercation Comedy Festival tickets HERE:


Tacos w/ Comic Johnny Taylor

August 11th, 2016

JT chows down on some tacos with fellow Stand Up! Records comic Johnny Taylor during Johnny's recent headlining trip to Austin. The pair discuss their shared affinity for music and how it has affected their comedy, the scene in Johnny's home of Sacramento, California and his recent foray into the insane idea of 'comedian delivery service'. Includes a track by Johnny, follow him on twitter and buy his albums. 


Talking ‘A Fat Wreck’ w/ Filmmaker Shaun Colon

August 9th, 2016

JT speaks with documentary filmmaker Shaun Colon about his excellent new feature 'A Fat Wreck', which details nearly 20 years of the seminal west coast punk label Fat Wreck Chords. The pair discuss their experiences with NOFX's Fat Mike, the film's evolution from a short to full-length documentary, whether or not they had to use special effects to make JT appear more sober during his interview in the movie and, yes, details on those fantastic puppets. 

Check out the film screening dates and much more here: 

Swapcast w/ Off With Their Head’s Ryan Young

August 4th, 2016

It's an Anxious and Angry swapcast! JT sits down with Ryan of Off With Their Heads in Chicago for a long-overdue catch up conversation. The duo discuss JT's roast album and its theft from the OWTH van, the recent Descendents' "spazz" controversy, self-appointed 'comedy police' within the scene and much more. Keep an eye out for two new albums soon from Off With Their Heads and subscribe to the Anxious and Angry Podcast now! 


End Of Tour Insanity w/ Brian Zeolla

July 29th, 2016

JT and Brian Zeolla slowly lose their minds on a 16-hour drive from Nebraska back to Texas after wrapping their tour. Brian tortures JT with his awful 'underwater Korean rap' song and explains why he wants to be Jesus to the Juggalos. The pair also discuss getting pulled over by the cops in Iowa, setting cars on fire in Chicago, and highlights of all of the shows. Thanks to everyone who came out for the July tour!  


Talking Cults w/ Comic Kristin Ryan

July 26th, 2016

It's a swapcast! JT sits down in Chicago with Kristin Ryan, super funny comedian and host of the Bloody Mary horror podcast, to talk about nutty religious cults, Kristin's nine (!) concussions and their thoughts in-depth on the stellar new suspense film 'The Invitation'. Warning - LOTS OF SPOILERS! So go watch the film on Netflix before drinking the Kool Aid on this one. Also! We just got $400 in traffic tickets from the cops in Iowa, so any donation this week on the link to your right will go straight to that. Get both of my current cds for any donation over $12, which includes shipping. NWA 4 life. Thanks. 


Gothic Oddities in Nashville, TN

July 21st, 2016

JT gives an update from the wilds of Indiana and details tour highlights including near-fights with mountain people at the movies, exploring the Evan Williams Distillery, and the mysterious 'blue people' of Kentucky. He also chats with the owner of Hail Dark Aesthetics in Nashville, TN, an amazing 'gothic oddities' shop that contains insane taxidermy specimens, devilish 'satan' items and even a gigantic dragon made out of leather. If you are in Nashville go to the shop and check them online at now. Episode produced by Ryan Miller at Bleeding Heart. 


Far From Extinct w/ Dinosaur Jr.

July 14th, 2016

After a brief summer vacation The Road returns! JT nurses a post-'Merica Day hangover and rants about shark movies, the upcoming tour kicking off tomorrow, and much more. He also speaks to percussion genius Murph from Dinosaur Jr. about the band's ongoing reunion shows, the mystery that is J. Mascis, and what those early reconnecting rehearsals were really like. Episode produced by Ryan Miller at Bleeding Heart, includes a few classic Dinosaur Jr. tracks as well as a brand new song from their forthcoming 2016 album. Boom indeed. 


Farewell To Filth? w/ Murder Junkies

June 21st, 2016

JT sits down with his old pal and current singer for the infamous Murder Junkies, PP Duvay. They discuss their early days playing shows together in old bands, PP's evolution as the frontman for one of the punk scene's most notorious groups, the ever-present shadow of GG's legacy and much more. Is this current tour truly their last? Tune in and find out. 


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