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Bar Food Feast w/ David Rodriguez

December 5th, 2017

JT and his old pal David Rodriguez, better known as the singer for punk bands the Krum Bums and Starving Wolves, sit down at Casino El Camino South and order a barrage of bar food. They also discuss Dave's new gig as the singer for the Casualties, how he got the job, touring the UK, recent national treks with GBH and Dayglow Abortions, and how he justifies his horrific use of condiments. Includes a live Casualties song with Dave on vocals as well as a ripping Starving Wolves track. Episode produced by Ryan Miller at Bleeding Heart. See Starving Wolves THIS Saturday night in Austin at the Lost Well for the 3rd annual Altercation Frost Giant Ball! 


Tour Nightmares w/ Hexist

November 29th, 2017

JT has insomnia, and yells about lions and 'The Punisher'. He also sits down with Gable from the thrash-metal band Hexist, who offers up some truly epic and brutal tour tales from his band's recent cross-country trek. Includes a pair of tracks from Hexist. Episode produced by Ryan Miller at Bleeding Heart. Texas tour with Joe Sib starts this Friday! 


Stand Up + Tarot w/ Comic Ralphie Hardesty

November 21st, 2017

JT discusses the concept of Charles Manson burning in hell, and announces some cool upcoming 2018 tour dates. He also stands on a street corner with Austin comic Ralphie Hardesty. The pair discuss the history around Ralphie's showcase Greetings From Queer Mountain, the nuances of gay comedy crowds, their individual experiences with tarot readings and much more. Go see Greetings From Queer Mountain on Nov. 22 at Cheer Up Charlies in Austin! Episode produced by Ryan Miller at Bleeding Heart. 


Confessions Of A Daredevil

November 14th, 2017

JT sits down with his pal Aaron, who explains the differences between a stuntman and a daredevil. The pair talk about getting set on fire by Mike Patton, making out with Daisy Duke, what it's like to wear Evel Knievel's cape and helmet, and why you keep your poker face on while slowly burning to death in front of Danzig's band. Episode produced by Ryan Miller at Bleeding Heart. 


Horror Film Triple Threat w/ Comic Jay Chanoine

October 30th, 2017

JT goes to the World Series and also dresses like a chicken for a hangover-inducing costume throwdown in San Antonio. He also watches a trio of horror flicks with his east coast tourmate Jay Chanoine. The duo give reviews on the good, the bad and the downright ugly. Episode produced by Ryan Miller. Happy Halloween! 


Edgar Allen Poe’s House w/ Musician F. Woods

October 24th, 2017

JT tries to avoid a trio of demon children on his flight home from the east coast, and gives an overall tour wrapup from an airport in North Carolina. He also visits the home of Edgar Allen Poe in Philadelphia with his musician pal F. Woods, where the duo examine the basement that inspired 'The Black Cat' and speak with the curator of the historic site. Includes the new F. Woods tune 'Not This Thursday'. Episode produced by the living-dead Ryan Miller at Bleeding Heart. 


Werewolves Of Florida w/ Brian Zeolla

October 18th, 2017

Reunited and it feels so good. Brian and JT drive around Florida and discuss their shows in the Sunshine State and argue like the old married couple they are. Also, Brian details his upcoming gig as a werewolf, and tests out some material. Tour continues on the east coast with Jay Chanoine through this weekend! 


Comedians In Cars Getting Surly

October 8th, 2017

Following the truly amazing Altercation Comedy Festival, JT tries to make sense of a horrible post-week. He also grabs some on-the-run conversations in his car from many of the Festival's performers, including Derek Sheen, Kyle Kinane, Johnny Taylor Jr., Larry Fulford, Carmen Morales, Danny Lobell, Whitney Chitwood and Ron Babcock. Includes a few choice bits of material from some of the headliners too. HUGE thanks to everyone who made this year's Fest so absurdly awesome. Tour dates start TODAY in Florida, all details at as always. RIP Ralphie May. 


JT Gives An Update

September 19th, 2017

The podcast is back after a few weeks off...unexpectedly. JT gives an update on what caused the delay, the UK tour situation, recent phone call insanity, the Altercation Comedy Festival happening next week, slapping midgets and his jerk friend Doug. Sorry for the delay, back on track now. See you in Austin next week! 


Doom Side Of The Moon w/ Kyle Shutt

August 21st, 2017

JT ponders the lyrical appeal of some 80's tunes and also gets ready to fly to the UK for the Cornwall Comedy Festival. Grab those tickets! He also sits down for some cocktails with The Sword guitarist Kyle Shutt to chat about Kyle's epic new Pink Floyd homage 'Doom Side of the Moon'. The pair discuss tiki bars, the tackling of one of the greatest albums ever recorded, and Kyle's process in bringing the album to the live stage. Includes some epic tunes from Doom Side of the Moon as well as a rager from the The Sword for good measure. Episode produced by Ryan Miller at Bleeding Heart. 

Order the 2nd pressing of the Doom album here:


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