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Comedians In Cars Getting Surly

October 8th, 2017

Following the truly amazing Altercation Comedy Festival, JT tries to make sense of a horrible post-week. He also grabs some on-the-run conversations in his car from many of the Festival's performers, including Derek Sheen, Kyle Kinane, Johnny Taylor Jr., Larry Fulford, Carmen Morales, Danny Lobell, Whitney Chitwood and Ron Babcock. Includes a few choice bits of material from some of the headliners too. HUGE thanks to everyone who made this year's Fest so absurdly awesome. Tour dates start TODAY in Florida, all details at as always. RIP Ralphie May. 


JT Gives An Update

September 19th, 2017

The podcast is back after a few weeks off...unexpectedly. JT gives an update on what caused the delay, the UK tour situation, recent phone call insanity, the Altercation Comedy Festival happening next week, slapping midgets and his jerk friend Doug. Sorry for the delay, back on track now. See you in Austin next week! 


Doom Side Of The Moon w/ Kyle Shutt

August 21st, 2017

JT ponders the lyrical appeal of some 80's tunes and also gets ready to fly to the UK for the Cornwall Comedy Festival. Grab those tickets! He also sits down for some cocktails with The Sword guitarist Kyle Shutt to chat about Kyle's epic new Pink Floyd homage 'Doom Side of the Moon'. The pair discuss tiki bars, the tackling of one of the greatest albums ever recorded, and Kyle's process in bringing the album to the live stage. Includes some epic tunes from Doom Side of the Moon as well as a rager from the The Sword for good measure. Episode produced by Ryan Miller at Bleeding Heart. 

Order the 2nd pressing of the Doom album here:


At The Corey Feldman Show

August 15th, 2017

JT shares a drunken late night discovery about an Against Me! song. Also, he surprises Big Bri with tickets to see Corey Feldman and his Angels at their only Texas show. The pair road trip to Houston and give pre and post concert thoughts. Episode Produced by Ryan Miller at Bleeding Heart. 


Talking Comedy In Colorado

August 8th, 2017

JT hangs out in Denver with a trio of his favorite comics...Timmi Lasley, Nathan Lund and Kyle drink some beer and get the inside scoop on the Colorado scene. They discuss what drew them individually to Denver, their intros to the standup world, and the challenges of performing to crowds that are often stooooooooned. Big thanks to all the comics for hanging out, don't miss them ALL performing on the 2017 Altercation Comedy Festival in Austin this September! Thanks to Sexy Pizza for the sexy pizza! 


Drinks w/ Unsane

July 31st, 2017

JT has food poisoning just in time for his week of record release shows, yay! Also, he sits down with legendary thrash trio Unsane to discuss their almost 30 years of making ears bleed in a good way. Thanks to Dan for helping the interview come together and to the band for being so rad. Includes a few tunes. Episode produced by Ryan Miller at Bleeding Heart. Colorado shows start tomorrow, Texas the rest of the week! 


Day Drinking w/ Lost In Society

July 11th, 2017

JT makes a late night Monte Cristo and also goes to see Roger Waters from Pink Floyd perfrom live. Also, he enjoys some afternoon cocktails with Zach Moyle from NJ punk band Lost In Society. Zach details the band's new flexi, their recent tour with Face To Face, being roommates with Pete from the Bouncing Souls, and his infamous role as 'The Handsome Stranger'. Don't miss Lost In Society on tour all year, episode includes a couple tunes. Episode produced by Ryan Miller at Bleeding Heart. 


Road Stories Live @ Bird City Comedy Festival

June 27th, 2017

JT gives a report on his heavy metal summer, including a recent stop at the Iron Maiden world tour. Also, it's an epic road stories set recorded live in Phoenix, AZ at the 2017 Bird City Comedy Festival including special performances from Kristine Levine, Mishka Shubaly, Chad Daniels and more! Episode produced by Ryan Miller at Bleeding Heart. 


Catching Up w/ Comic Ali Siddiq

June 20th, 2017

JT battles a giant snake and also hangs with Metallica in a most eventful week. He also catches up with the hilarious Ali Siddiq for a long-overdue chat. The pair discuss Ali's first comedy shows after his release from prison, the power of silence during a set, and the infamous George Clinton story that first made them strike up a conversation during a taping of 'This Is Not Happening'. Catch Ali on the road all year long. Episode produced by Ryan Miller at Bleeding Heart. 


Fake News w/ The Hard Times

June 13th, 2017

JT wraps up his tour with Josh Mclane and listens to the blues. He also sits down with Matt Saincome, creator of the hilarious punk rock parody newspaper The Hard Times. The pair discuss the process of what goes into crafting the perfect headline, Matt's background in the 'zine world, and which personalities in the punk rock scene can't take a joke. Episode produced by Ryan Miller at Bleeding Heart. Look for The Hard Times showcase at this year's Altercation Comedy Festival in Ausitn, TX September 27-30! Passes on sale now and going fast at , go get 'em. 


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